Risk Assessment

It's difficult to protect your assets if you don't know what risks need mitigation, we can help identify those risks. Risk Assessment Services include Security Design & Real Estate Risk Assessment, High-Risk Travel Security, Insider Threat, and Guard Services.

Security Design & Real Estate Risk Assessment

Whether before buying property, during construction, or after moving in, we help you design the right security system for you.

High-Risk Travel Security

As global travel has become a key piece of business, it is important to protect your business and your team. We help you do that.

Insider Threats

Securing your business isn't limited to external threat. Internal threats are just as dangerous. BGI helps you protect against these threats.

Guard Services

Our personalized service and integrative mentality provide your company with guards that blend into your environment perfectly.

Security Design & Real Estate Risk Assessment

  • Diverse risks exist when it comes to buying, building or remodeling property. BGI’s combination of pre-occupancy and post-occupancy support make us an ideal partner in real estate risk assessment and security design.
  • Our Risk Assessments determine what risks and vulnerabilities exist, then help develop a plan to mitigate these risks. Reach out to us to see how our team can help you in your new construction and tenant improvement needs.
  • Security Design must strike a balance between the necessary level of protection, and the cost and environmental feel of the security measures. The BGI team can help with strategic planning, multi-site integration, technological recommendations, parking and circulation, and much more.

High-Risk Travel Security

  • Changes in the Global Economy have led to a large change in how companies do business. Global travel has become an inevitable part of business for many companies.
  • Do you have a Travel Security Program? Having a program in place is crucial to mitigate risk during high-risk travel. Ask us how we can help you build, improve, and implement a Travel Security Program.
  • Are your employees prepared? BGI has a highly trained team that can help you with destination assessments, high risk transportation, crisis hotlines, tracking and monitoring travelers, training and awareness programs, and kidnap and ransom training and response.

Insider Threat

  • Insider Threat can pose a threat as big, if not larger than external threats to a company. Despite this, many organizations devote the majority of their security focus on external threat.
  • Do you have an Insider Threat Management Program? A comprehensive program should include pre-employment background checks, orientation training for new employees, data transfer restrictions, tagging of key assets, and a well-defined employee termination protocol.
  • The BGI Team can identify gaps in your security and create a balanced strategy to protect your future.

Guard Services

  • Guard Services are not one size fits all. A Fortune 500 global company with offices around the world has very different security needs than a start-up with one office in the Bay Area. BGI can help assess what security needs your company has.
  • We are service provider agnostic, meaning that we will help you find the best security solutions instead of trying to sell you on specific products. Our singular focus is you.
  • Our broad knowledge and experience makes us a perfect choice to help with your guard needs whether they be armed or unarmed, covert or overt, or retail store or executive protection.

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