Security Strategy

BGI can help you develop anything from a simple to a complex security strategy. Security Strategy Services include Surveillance & Investigations, Executive Protection, Workplace Violence Prevention, and Special Event Management.

Surveillance and Investigations

Our trained personnel can help you secure hard to get information that is vital to the protection of your company.

Executive Protection

Protecting your top executives is a major priority for many companies. Our team is trained and ready to help you do this.

Workplace Violence Prevention

Workplace Violence Prevention has never been more important. Let us help you create a plan for how to protect your employees.

Special Event Management

Safety is key when planning any type of event. Our team can help to protect your guests from any potential hazards.

Surveillance & Investigations

  • Well Managed Surveillance & Investigations can be the difference between getting the information you need, and ending up with a far bigger problem on your hands.
  • Our experienced team will conduct investigations and obtain the information you need with superior quality, confidentiality, responsive personal service, and accuracy.
  • Call BGI to help with all types of surveillance and investigative needs. If its information that you need, we will be able to help you get it.

Executive Protection

  • Strong Executive Leadership can be key in developing a successful company. Protecting the leadership that drives such success is crucial to maintain stability, especially during times of growth.
  • A Balanced Strategy from managing the CEO’s web presence, social media postings, security posture at public appearances, or residential security systems to keep family members safe is important when designing an executive security program.
  • The BGI Team has experience creating covert, seamless strategies to protect your executives. Reach out to us to figure out more about how we can help you develop an executive security program.

Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Workplace Violence is broad, and it includes much more than violent, gun-wielding ex-employees. 99% of workplace violence involves harassment, workflow deficiencies, operational disruptions, wasted business opportunities, severed relationships, and unknown avoidable expenses.
  • Planning is the best way to prevent workplace violence from occurring. Our team can help you to develop a comprehensive workplace violence prevention plan that will help to mitigate the risks that workplace violence presents.
  • BGI can help in areas such as high-level threat assessments, active shooter policy and training, new policy creation, manager and supervisor training, crisis team formation, drills and exercises, and interactive enterprise training programs.

Special Event Management

  • Spectator events for your company can be vital to marketing, outreach, and brand exposure. These events create unique and complex security and safety challenges due to large audiences.
  • BGI has experience providing planning, preparation, and execution of events as small as retirement parties to events at some of the largest venues in the world. The breadth of our experience gives us the ability to provide personalized strategy for your unique event.
  • BGI can help you strategize in advance and focus on all of the facets of large spectator ingress and egress, safety, security, risk management, compliance, duty of care requirements, and operational continuity.

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