Risk & Security Operations

As a Consultant on BGI’s Risk and Security Operations team, Iman Hanif works closely with BGI’s clients to understand their unique challenges and develop customized solutions. Known as the ‘jack of all trades,’ Iman oversees many of BGI’s largest and most complex projects, working closely with BGI’s physical security operations, intelligence, and security technology teams to ensure client satisfaction. Iman excels at project and team coordination and specializes in the development of training programs and policy documents.

Iman has spent the last 7 years studying how individuals, organizations, and communities interpret, interact with, and respond to safety and security risks. Her academic background and passion for safety and security make a strong foundation for providing excellent service to BGI’s clients. 

In addition to her role as a Consultant, Iman is a certified Security Risk Assessment professional and serves as part of BGI’s vulnerability assessment team. In this role she frequently travels to conduct safety and security assessments of academic institutions, residential properties, and commercial buildings for BGI’s clients.

In Spring 2023, Iman graduated from Georgetown University after completing her Master’s degree in Emergency and Disaster Management.