Interested in working at BGI?

Our Values

Defined work values are necessary for the success of any company. BGI emphasizes a trail-blazing mentality with our company values. We push ourselves to defy convention, embrace change, and drive progress.

Clients come first

We strive to provide the best possible experience and individualized level of service to our customers. When we do the little things well, we will do the bigger things better.

Be a Contrarian

Our firm prides itself in contrarian leadership. We demand innovation in what we do, and we push our team to be inquisitive and curious.

Team Collaboration

We strive to recruit and retain talent from all backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in over-communication when working together, as this allows every team member to provide input, feedback, and innovative ideas.

Hire personality over Resume

We measure success from results, aligned goals, and client satisfaction. We value independence and autonomy at all levels of the organizational structure. Talent and personality are far more appealing qualities than lengthy resumes.

Our Confidence is Understated

The BGI team has accomplished a lot. Even so, we see each of our projects as a learning experience. We readily admit when we make a mistake, we aim to make each of us better performers through direct feedback, thoughtful communications, and we all possess an intense focus on lifetime success.