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Our mission is to provide a full end-to-end solution to help secure our clients across all fronts. Our philosophy emphasizes seamless integration, contrarian perspectives, and a collaborative work style that allows us to succeed only when our clients succeed as well. We don’t promise perfection, but we do promise to get as close as possible, and we provide individualized service to every single client.


How We Can Help You

We understand that every company has different needs when it comes to securing what matters most to them. That’s why we offer security solutions tailor fit to you every time.


Crisis Planning and Response

We work with you to create plans that will keep your employees safe, and your business running when disaster strikes. Crisis Planning and Response Services include Business Continuity Planning, Emergency Planning, and Crisis Response.


Security Strategy

BGI can help you develop anything from a simple to a complex security strategy. Security Strategy Services include Surveillance and Investigations, Executive Protection, Workplace Violence Prevention, and Special Event Management.


Risk Assessment

It's difficult to protect your assets if you don't know what risks need mitigation: we can help identify those risks. Risk Assessment Services include Security Design & Real Estate Risk Assessment, High-Risk Travel Security, Insider Threat, and Guard Services.

BGI Leadership

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